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Sacramento HCG Injections

When you have tried to lose weight through numerous diet plans over the years with minimal or no lasting results, it is easy to feel discouraged and even hopeless. The extra weight and fat on your body can easily make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You may not like the way that your clothes fit, and you may not feel confident about the way that you look. Carryover effects from this can linger in your professional life and in your personal relationships. More importantly, extra adipose or abnormal fat can make you more likely to suffer from serious and potentially fatal conditions, such as a few different types of cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes and several other health issues. Clearly, you need to find an effective way to reduce your weight and to enjoy the benefits of substantial fat loss.

Many overweight individuals like you in Sacramento and beyond have tried to achieve weight and fat loss through a low-calorie diet. However, restricting your calorie intake may not produce the results that you desire. Severely limiting your calorie intake for an extended period of time makes your body think that it is experiencing starvation. When starvation conditions are present, the body will enter a self-preservation mode. It will hang onto your unhealthy fat stores as much as possible, and it will instead consume muscle mass and even healthy fat stores as a source of energy. While weight loss can occur through this type of restrictive low-calorie diet, the results cannot be maintained in most cases. In addition, a reduction in calorie-burning muscle mass means that your metabolic rate will be reduced. Essentially, it is harder for you to enjoy a significant calorie burn at rest because of this.

The efforts of Dr. A. T. W. Simeons in the 1950s to study how HCG impacts the body of an expecting woman has led to a profound breakthrough in weight loss strategy. Once you learn more about the results of the research of Dr. Simeons, you may be eager to visit a Sacramento HCG diet clinic to get more information about this proven weight loss strategy.

A Closer Look at the Research

The human body has three primary types of fat tissue. Two of these tissues are healthy and are necessary for your well-being. The third type is abnormal and unhealthy, and it is known as adipose fat. This is the type of fat tissue that is found in large amounts when you are overweight or obese, and it is the type that can lead to serious health conditions. The research of Dr. Simeons has revealed that the HCG hormone that a pregnant woman will produce in abundance is an essential component for fast and effective fat reduction. In pregnancy, HCG is the hormone that is essential for converting fat cells in the mother into energy that the fetus can use. This energy is critical for fetal nourishment when the mother is not actively consuming food. One of the primary benefits associated with HCG is that it specifically converts adipose or abnormal fat cells into energy. It does not target healthy fat tissue or muscle tissue.

The doctor’s research further explored how HCG impacts women who are not expecting as well as its impact on men. In these individuals, HCG also transforms adipose or abnormal fat tissue into energy to reduce fat stores throughout the body. The energy that is produced through this process is not channeled to a growing fetus, so it can effectively be used by the individual. The primary source of energy in an adult is through calorie intake from foods consumed. In order for the body to effectively reduce abnormal fat stores, the individual needs to receive HCG injections while also consuming a very low-calorie diet on a regular basis. These HCG injections are available to you through a Sacramento HCG diet clinic under medical supervision.

What You Can Expect

If you are thinking about contacting a Sacramento HCG diet clinic soon, you can expect to receive information about the HCG injections and their effects. You may also receive assistance with the design of a low-calorie diet or meal plan. The HCG diet will only be effective when the HCG is used in conjunction with calorie restrictions. While you will need to follow a calorie restrictive diet, you will be able to choose your own foods. For example, you may continue to eat some of your favorite foods, but you may need to alter some ingredients so that you can lower your calorie intake.

The amount of weight that you may lose can be substantial, and the good news is that HCG enables you to target this weight reduction specifically at the adipose fat tissue that you are concerned about. You can expect to see rapid fat reduction when you take all proper efforts. The HCG diet is a medically-assisted way to lose pounds and to reduce body fat, so you can expect to attend several required medical appointments throughout the process.

If you are one of the many Sacramento residents who have struggled with diet plans in the past, it is understandable that you may feel discouraged. However, the HCG diet is a healthy and effective way to lose fat and pounds. It is based on scientific research and has produced fabulous results in others. Contact a Sacramento HCG diet clinic today for a consultation.